Energy savings tokenization

The main objective of any economic entity interested in improving the energy efficiency of its systems, be their industrial processes or buildings, is to optimize its cash flows. Efforce allows such entities to rapidly be connected with those who are interested in purchasing the energy savings resulting from the implementation of such projects, without the use of equity.

Through the tokenization of the energy saved, a liquid and transparent market is created, guaranteed by the blockchain and accessible to all. To optimize the cycle of financing and access to capital, Efforce tokenizes energy savings. Tokenizing energy savings represents a contractual mechanism between companies that want to improve the efficiency of their processes and the community. The innovative tokenization model has been clarified by the European regulator. It is structured as a reward-based crowdfunding, where Contributors are rewarded with free energy savings that they can keep or sell.

Efforce platform is built to change the way energy savings are generated and redistributed globally. After years of experience in the energy efficiency market, Efforce team was able to identify its limits. First, the enormous waste of energy due to the lack of an efficient system. Just consider that the energy demand for cooling habitable environments is greater in those parts of the world lacking regulation to support energy efficiency processes. The second problem is the difficulty to bring together capital and the energy saving sector.

The high number of intermediaries and parties involved even only partially in the efficiency process is the cause of the increase in implementation costs, pay-back periods and even delays in the physical execution of projects.

The role of the blockchain

Through Efforce, energy end Consumers can participate in tokenized energy savings. Thanks to the control system and data certification guaranteed by the blockchain, Efforce has created the first Energy Performance Smart Contract.

Each Efforce WOZX token holder will be granted with the access with priority to the energy savings projects listed on the platform, contributing to the spreading of energy efficiency on a global scale.

Each project is divided in a pre-defined number of purchasable NFTs which will represent the participation to the contribution of an Energy Efficiency Project. A smart contract will be created for each project so that NFT holders can claim through it their rewards coming from the energy savings.

Beneficiaries or ESCos will turn their savings in reward tokens through a smart contract on chain and they will deposit the resulting tokens in the NFT staking smart contract without any intermediary in order to pay back contributors.

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