Moving tokens from Ethereum to Polygon network

Efforce WOZX ERC20 token is native to Ethereum. Given the high fees and the energy consumption required by the network we made the decision to develop our platform on Polygon (MATIC).

Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform enabling developers to build scalable and secure user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees. Moreover the foundation behind it is concerned over its carbon footprint and is going to be carbon negative starting from 2022.

To use Efforce platform holders should bridge their tokens from Ethereum to Polygon. Doing so is easy and not expensive at all.

To bridge tokens some ETH are required in order to approve the bridge transaction. It's recommended to have some MATIC as well on the Polygon wallet to be able to use the network and Efforce DApp.

First of all Metamask should be configured to use Polygon chain. There are a lot of tutorials on the web, we want to recommend this one made by Binance which covers everything starting from how to install Metamask.

Please check to have some WOZX in your ETH wallet before trying to bridge them to Polygon. If you want to buy some WOZX you can do it on the exchanges linked in our home page or on Uniswap.

To bridge WOZX tokens we are going to use the official bridging system of Polygon wallet. Click on the link, wait for the page to load, connect your Metamask wallet and manually add WOZX to the token list by clicking on "Manage token list > Token" and writing this token address on the input field: 0x954622542cbb3a1492c3f52d4fd66f4059c029ff

Once the token is successfully added just chose the amount of tokens you want to bridge, check to have some ETH on your ETH balance and bridge the tokens. After some minutes you will get a confirmation notice and your token are going to be visible on your Polygon address (remember to add WOZX as a custom token in your Polygon wallet as well).

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