NFT minting is the way in which Contributors will fund Energy Efficiency Projects. Each project will be divided in a pre-defined number of NFT, each one representing the minimum possible contribution to it. NFTs are priced and mintable in USDC on Polygon chain. A small amount of MATIC in the wallet balance will be necessary to be able to mint.

Minting will happen around one month after the project is presented on the platform and the token locking contract has been activated for it.

A snapshot of early token lockers will be taken around half the way in order to give them access to a reserved minting period for whitelisted wallets. Being among those is the only way to have a guaranteed minting spot.

Minting will happen in three different phases:

  1. 48 hours of guaranteed mint for early token lockers.

  2. 24 hours of reserved mint for token lockers holding NFTs of previous projects (the list will vary as more projects get funded through the platform and will always include Genesis NFT holders and first batch NFT holders).

  3. Public mint for a limited time.

After the expiration of the public mint period the remaining supply of NFTs (if any) will be burned forever and its value will be covered by Efforce in order to make the realization of the Energy Efficiency Project possible. In that case a proportional stake of the rewards generated by the project will be witholded at the source by Efforce itself.

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